The free volatile services provider*

Free volatile services offered:

- Online - up and running
- Offline - currently not used but still exists
- Work in progress - being worked on, will be available soon
- Deleted - for one reason or another
- ONE - First server
- TWO - Second server
- ??? - Some other server ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Internet Relay Chat is a quite old protocol but still fun to use...
I use this server as a cheap way of implementing
instant messaging on my clients' websites.
For security and other reasons this server is NOT linked to any other
IRC server, nor is it a part of a network.
If you have a similar use case for it or you just want an unlinked
IRC chat to hang out with your friends feel free to hit me up.


A new instant messaging, encrypted, p2p, federated, etc... protocol.
I am running my own Synapse instance to connect to the federation,
if you are "homeless"(you do not have a matrix home server)
and I know you, hit me up and I can set you up with an account.

PS: I also have an instance of Riot running for those times when
you do not want to download a desktop/mobile client app.


ActivityPub, OStatus... DDG it or something... I want to try running
my own instance. If I know you - I am handing out invite links right now,
so let me know if you want an account on my instance! :)


Weblate - translation tool instance for various projects, including
CFHero Android application, which I am paid to develop :)


Anything that does not have its own paragraph is probably deleted
or currently not worth my time... which practically means the same.

PS: OpenVPN is planned but I currently have no need for it as there
are multiple people supplying me with VPNs anyway.


I am not a "service provider" I am just a dude who likes to self-host
a bunch of stuff and lets his friends use it as well.


As I said, I am not a service provider but
if you so insist... here is my contact information:

    E-mail: admin_[_at_]_d3add3d_[_dot_]_net