D3Net by BytecodeSam

List of services for friends, family and customers:

- Online - up and running
- Offline - currently not used but still exists
- Work in progress - being worked on, will be available soon
- Deleted - for one reason or another
- ONE - First server
- TWO - Second server
- ??? - Some other server ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


ONE will become a communication matrix, running IRC+Bouncer, Pleroma
and Matrix with bridges + various utility bots for Discord, Telegram,
IRC and other platforms.


Openfire was used as a bridge to in-game chat for PaperMC instance running on
official Craft.SH server craft-tech of Silicon Hill students' club.


Anything that does not have its own paragraph is probably deleted
or currently not worth my time... which practically means the same.


    E-mail: admin_[_at_]_d3add3d_[_dot_]_net